Tree of Woe

by Wood of Suicides

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released October 29, 2016

J Cachia - Bass, Vocals, and Spoken Voice
L Voltz - Guitar and Backing Vocals
A Mochon - Drums



all rights reserved


Wood of Suicides Melbourne, Australia

Wood of Suicides is a Melbourne based musical experimental trio that blends doom, drone, sludge and black metal. Check out the latest album, Tree of Woe.

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Track Name: Tree of Woe
Your seasons have led you to this tree
Bite my strange fruit, death I have for thee

Suffer with me, eat of my flesh
I am your, your salvation
Rot on me, feed on me
Striped bare on the tree of woe

Despair and torment
Awaits your more than you know
Surrender your self to the tree of woe

In the woods of the dammed
Embrace your suffering
Rot on me bleed on me
Flesh ripens on the tree of woe

They’re hung from the living chapel
They bleed from the trees

Suffer in me drink despair
I despise your puny life
Rot, rot on me
Striped bare on the tree of woe

A ghastly pall hung over the woods
Bound flesh contorted and buckled
Underneath the weight of the monstrous oaks
The wretched faces of the suicides writhed
As fire licked their flesh and burned them to undeath
Their bodies would grow to suffer again and again
And burnt them unto undeath

Bodies lie broken, suffer
Minds raped and brains distorted
Restless are the suicides
Restless are the suicides...

The tree of woe dreaming, a thousand souls screaming
Flesh falls like leaves, takes seed in your mournful heart
I spread your limbs and rip you life apart
Limbs succumb as sickened life gives way
Rot from the inside the petrified must die
The tree of woe dreaming, a thousand souls screaming
Flesh falls like leaves from the husks of distorted trees
I twist your limbs, the whispers on the breeze

Bodies singed and broken
Minds wrecked and brains contorted
Track Name: Swamp
In my final hours
I hear their screams
Sunk into the swamp of sorrow
Infused into my dying dreams
Trapped beneath the murky waters
Rising from the hollow reeds
The insatiable devourers
They are calling for me

Now I slumber eternal
Among a chorus of the dead
Trapped in icy waters
To devour the lonely dead

Icy fingers scrape my mind
Feel the shame of dying alone
Too long away form the light
Torment the ties that bind

Their eyes harboring despair
Bore into the synapse of my brain
Disheveled and weak
My will begins to wane
I’m trapped beneath this poisoned river of sorrow
Imprisoned in this waking nightmare
Lured into the fetid waters
To sleep amongst the shallow reeds

Icy fingers scrape my mind
Feel the shame of dying alone
Cold currents bare me down
Descend into the swamp

I hear their whispers
They are coming for me
Waiting to embrace me
They are pulling me down
I hear their whispers
They are coming for me

I hear their whispers
They are pulling me down
They will embrace me
amongst the reeds

In the swamp buried deep
By the swamp buried deep
Track Name: Black Window
Track Name: Rend the Sky
The sun set in crimson flame,
Followed by a tide of dismay
I gazed towards the murky horizon
Apparitions of entrails hung from the clouds

Bodies dangled in disgust
Trapped in this frightening sphere
I clutched my face
And drew a streak of blood

Aghast and abhorrent the unsightly mirage
Piles of corpses littered around
Mounted like cold stones pierced the clouds
Rend the sky

The black moon risen
I lay frozen and could do naught
But stare at the ghastly apparition
Filled with dread

A vile stench oozed through my skin
A red mist penetrated my bones
The agony I suffered in my final death throws
Flesh turned inside out my innards gushed out

Pouring from an open wound of disease
Rend the sky blood soaked salvation
Rend the sky my corpse floated in the breeze
Up towards the tormented heavens

Rend the sky
Rend the sky meat for the crows that fly
Rend the sky food for the crows that fly
Track Name: Erased
A life’s essence doused, sickness made flesh
Born of utter despairs, sweating thought every pour
A parasite born of the mind, a wound corrupts
The gateway spirit bleeds
Dead eyes watching beckoning, deep caverns calling
In the dismal hours, darkness and solitude
As you life wanes, a burning hell awaits

Gateway to a world unknown
A sullen horn in bleakness is born
The stars collide a black hole devours
Depart now for untimely hours
Swallowed by a viscous vortex
Revealed gaping chasms of malice
An infinite abyss
A bottomless pit flesh torture palace
The remonstrations of the violently departed

Screams of the blood bound eternal
The final destination for the dammed infernal
Screams mortal fiber unraveled
Fucked in the face by the demons of hell


Screams of the blood bound eternal
The final destination of the blood bound eternal
Screams mortal fiber unravels
Fucked in the face by the demons of hell


Abysmal abattoir the chasm of pain
Skin stretched tight on meat hooks and chains
In a godless room beneath a blanket of doom
The sinners writhe inside a bloody womb
The cancer opens up its cavernous maw
Await annihilation form the flesh ripping whore

Enslaved, flesh crawls
Blood bound , erased

Erased into the nether
Erased in the netherworld
Track Name: Anguish
Track Name: Nemeseas
Did you not hear the roar of the tide?
Nor mark the shadows
From beneath the sea?
The circling birds their sullen cries
Will soon betray the death of the sky...

An ancient hunger older than time
Lurks from below awakens now
And comes forth to herald the dawn
Of the day of the last we cease to exist

Awake in darkness not a shadow in sight
A solid blackness swallowed up all the light

On the brink of the last day
The sun could not be seen
Blanketed by menacing clouds
Woe for humanity

The ignorance of the ancients
Will bury us all
Condemned to the oceans deep
We perish as thralls

Rise to crush, all graves be filled
Damn them all, all of them

Our fortresses crumbled in to the ravenous sea
The land was swallowed the solar was doused we meet our density
The wind caught fire and burnt our bodies to dust
With demonic possession an evil awoke to smite our souls to the deep
Its shadowy plumes engulfed the faltering sky
Its presence Burnt like the forges of hell
The errors of our past
Reflected in its cavernous eyes

The sickness in our flesh, led to our demise
On the brink of the last day
We all day we will not survive
The smell of sick rose from the ravenous sea
Feasting on dread
The beast laid waste to humanity
All graves were filled and sunk into the sea
Summoned by the ire of the tempest
The beast became no more then dust

Scattered though the landscape
Crushed into the dirt
Those that survived the flames where drowned
And sunk into the black ocean floor
To be devoured by the hideous abominations
The humans forgotten
And ceased to ever exist
Track Name: Blood and Soil